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Accurate Appliance was established with a clear mission and purpose and that is to offer high quality appliance repair in Tampa & provide services to all the residents of  Hillsborough County, Pinellas County and Pasco County.

The hallmark of Accurate Appliance is our dependability. Customers enjoy prompt, same day service, a service guarantee on every residential appliance repair and flexible and convenient scheduling. Each of these is offered at a very affordable cost.

appliance repair tampa repairs all major brands of appliance

Dishwasher-repair-by-appliance-repair-tampa-flWe offer the following appliance repair services:

Refrigerator repair
Washer Repair
Dryer Repair
Stove & Over Repair
Freezer Repair
Dishwasher Repair


And, every technician employed at Accurate Appliance meets the following requirements:

– Factory trained. appliance repair tampa conducts background checks on employees
– Must pass a background check.
– Must pass drug screening.
– Authorized to service most if not all makes and models of popular home appliances.


We go to this length because the policy at Accurate Appliance is to NEVER use independent contractors like most other Tampa bay area companies do. Though it would be cheaper and more profitable to use independent contractors, we only our factory trained technicians.

This is both to ensure the quality of service delivered and the satisfaction and security of our customers. To further ensure quality performance and customer satisfaction, we maintain an adequate general liability and workers compensation insurance coverage.

We know that to deliver great service, the technicians MUST be well motivated hence the investment not just in the training of the technicians, but also in the general well being of the staff.

Every customer can be sure of an on-time rate of over 98%.  We hold our customers dear, so all complaints and inquiries are promptly received and handled.


appliance repair tampa keeps in stock partsWe have stocked one of the largest appliance parts inventory in Tampa. This impressive appliance parts inventory makes it possible for a customer’s appliance repair needs to be satisfactorily handled on the first visit.

If you need it, We Got It.



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5 Key Things To Look For In A Quality Appliance Repair Company

Has one of your household appliances malfunctioned? If YES, then you need the services of the best appliance repair company in the Tampa area you can find. Such a company should be reliable, reputable, affordable and – most of all – have the expertise to repair the specific brand or model of your appliance.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. The problem is that there are just too many Tampa bay appliance repair companies out there – each one claiming to be the best. The ultimate question is: how can you sift through the marketing hype and find a company which actually delivers quality appliance repair services?

Well, there are certain key attributes which all top-quality appliance repair companies have. Here are the 5 Key things to look for in a quality appliance repair company.

Training and Experience

appliance repair tampa along with delta appliancesThe most important attribute you need in a appliance repair technician is the capacity to repair your appliance. This depends on their training and certifications. As such, the first thing you need to find out from a company is what kind of training and certifications their technicians hold. The best technicians are the ones who are factory trained, and authorized to service the brand of your appliance. Top quality Tampa Bay companies employ appliance repair technicians who are authorized to service most of the top brands commonly found in households.

Training aside, you also need a technician who has experience in appliance repair. This is because repairing appliances is a skill which is honed over time. The more experience an appliance repair technician has, the higher the likelihood that they can fix your appliance correctly. Therefore, the first question you should ask an appliance repair company is what level of training and experience their technicians have.

Promptness of Service

When your appliance malfunctions, you typically want it repaired as soon as possible. This is where the promptness of a local Tampa Bay appliance repair service comes in handy. Most companies have an emergency repair service which can respond promptly to your call.

Besides responding promptly, the best Tampa Bay appliance repair companies provide same day or next day repair services. Same day services guarantee that your appliance gets fixed in just one day. Next day services are for repairs which are quite complicated.

Offering same day appliance repair services points to the overall quality of a company for two reasons. First of all, it shows that they have a skilled team of technicians who can troubleshoot your appliance and discover its fault within a relatively short time. Secondly, it shows that they have a large inventory of appliance parts which they can use to replace any faulty parts in your appliance.

Warranty and Insurance

Sometimes parts do go bad. The parts which have been replaced in your appliance can malfunction. The technician can end up making more trips than they had initially anticipated. When such things happen, it is no fault of yours. As such, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. And top-quality appliance repair companies don’t make you pay for such extras. They offer a warranty which covers faulty spare parts or repairs.

However, they don’t stop there. A good Tampa Bay FL appliance repair company offer insurance cover for all their technicians. As such, in case a technician gets injured while carrying out repairs from your house, the liability will not fall on you. Therefore, before selecting an appliance repair company, you need to ensure that they offer warranties and insurance.

Affordability Facts

Because appliance malfunctions often pop out of the blue, they rarely form a part of most household budgets. As such, they have the potential to burn a hole into your budget. This is why affordability is important. Top-quality Tampa Bay Florida appliance repair companies charge relatively affordable rates. This is not to say that they are the cheapest around. But they do guarantee value for money.

Now, determining the affordability of a service isn’t an exact science. However, there is a simple cue. Appliance repair companies which charge per repair task tend to be cheaper than those which charge per hour spent on repairs. As such, unless you are 100% sure that your appliance can be fixed within a specified time period, opt for a company which will charge you for the entire repair.

Accreditations and Appliance Repair Reviews in Tampa FL

There are certain accreditation which can indicate a company’s overall quality of service. For instance, the Tampa Bay Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates a business partly on the basis of customer feedback and complaints. Similarly, the Technician Seal of Safety indicates a company’s dedication to protecting the safety and well being of its clients. Therefore, if you can find that a appliance repair company has these accreditations, then you can be confident about the quality of its services.

Another indicator of a good Tampa Bay appliance repair company’s services is the customer reviews. Now, the simple fact is that some companies doctor user reviews. However, there are independent third-party websites like Angie’s List which offers unbiased reviews of local businesses. If you can find a repair contractor featuring prominently on such a website, you can rest assured that it provides quality services.

How do we provide unmatched appliance repair services? We also have a dedicated team of factory trained technicians. Having been in the business for over 15 years, we have several highly experienced technicians on board. All our technicians are fully insured which means that in case of any mishaps, the liability falls upon us. We also have a prompt response time with a 98% on time rate. (Appliance Repair Tampa Beats The Competition)


We perform appliance repair on refrigerators, appliance repair on stoves & ovens, appliance repair on freezers, appliance repair on ice-makers, appliance repair on washing machines / washers, appliance repair on dryers, appliance repair on dishwashers and appliance repair on garbage disposals.

A Few Maintenance Tips

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Best of all, we offer very affordable rates. Therefore, if you are looking for a top quality appliance repair service in Tampa, just give us a call today at (813) 701-2335.

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