Freezer Repair

A freezer allows you to store large amounts of food such as vegetables and meat for future use. This appliance can malfunction at the most inconvenient time. Faulty freezers can cause a lot of frustration especially if you had stored several items. We offer reliable freezer repair services in the Greater Tampa area. Contact us immediately you notice that your appliance is not working as required.

You need a professional to handle freezer repairs especially if the problem is caused by faulty internal components. A freezer’s cooling system involves several parts that can expose you to injuries. We have specialized tools and knowledgeable technicians to handle various freezer concerns.

We have well trained technicians to perform repairs on all the leading freezer brands.

If your freezer is not running, the problem could be power-related. Our technicians will check the circuit breaker and fuse to rectify the problem. This problem can also occur if wiring that leads to various components is faulty, causing the motor or thermostat to fail. The technicians will inspect your appliance thoroughly to determine the exact cause of the power problem and offer an effective solution.

Another common freezer concern is a faulty refrigerant. If there is a leak in the refrigerator line, the refrigerant can flow faster than is required, cooling your freezer too quickly. When this happens you get frost problems. The freezer may also malfunction if too much refrigerant leaks, slowing down the cooling process.

Frost can also be a concern when a freezer breaks down. Freezers are supposed to produce frost but they also have defrosting cycles to balance the frost. If you notice that there is too much frost in your freezer, contact us for repairs. If this problem is not addressed promptly, the frost will cover the evaporator coils in your appliance, preventing them from working properly. In such cases, your freezer will run too often. Too much frost can also cover the drain in the appliance, making it difficult for it to drain excess water.

Worn out or faulty mechanical components can also make your freezer malfunction. Contact us if your appliance becomes noisy. A noisy freezer can indicate a worn out motor. The motor tends to wear out with time because of friction. Our technicians can replace the motor to ensure your appliance is running efficiently.

A damaged freezer door seal can interfere with the appliance’s performance. If the seal is broken, the appliance will run but it will not freeze the items you store. Our technicians can replace the seal to solve this problem. Seals tend to vary depending on the appliance brand. The technicians will make sure the seal matches your appliance.

Faulty evaporator fans can also interfere with the freezer’s functions. These fans are supposed to circulate cold air and reduce refrigerant levels. If they are not working, your appliance will not freeze and the stored food items may spoil. Our technicians will inspect the fans and determine whether they should be repaired or replaced.

If you are looking for affordable and efficient freezer repair services in Tampa, we are an ideal choice. When you contact us for repairs, one of our technicians will come to your home and conduct a comprehensive assessment on your appliance. And we will offer a quote based on the repairs that your appliance needs.

We also offer freezer maintenance to ensure that your appliance remains in good working condition over an extended period. Servicing is essential especially for a freezer because it is always running. Proper maintenance can help to prevent faults because worn out parts are replaced before the appliance breaks down. You do not have to wait for your appliance to stop working to contact us. Regular maintenance can help you save money in the long term.

We are a Better Business Bureau accredited freezer repair company in Tampa. Our services are flexible and we are willing to work around your schedule to ensure your needs are met.